About Richard Salamanca's Digital Art

Make mine a large, please!

I create my artwork to be seen LARGE! This begins with the creation of a large canvas; usually 10x13 inches, or 10x26 inches. Next, all of my images are created at 400 dpi. This ensures crisp, clear images full of small detail, even when the original file is printed at very large sizes. I highly recommend that you consider ordering large prints of my work both because size adds to the drama of my works, but also because a lage print will often reveal minute details which I have included in many of the pictures as (I hope) delightful surprises when you first discover them. Without printing large, these "little surprises" often go unnoticed.

About Searching My Images:

If you are looking for artwork which contains certain colors, you may search my galleries using the names of the colors you are looking for, and all of my works matching your preferred colors will be displayed.

How I Work:

I create my artwork on an eight core MacPro computer, using a combination of actual photographs, clip art, and material which I create from scratch completely within Photoshop.

All of my artworks are created within the PhotoPro colorspace, in 16 bit color, which provides a great deal more precise and rich a color palate than standard 8 bit color.